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Keep your Home and Family Safe


Australia is no stranger to natural disasters. A quick scan of the news headlines confirms it. Our hot, dry climate, combined with the increasing impact of climate change, means the country is at the hands of severe weather events, such as bushfires. (Read more…)

Meet our team: Paul


“Insurance companies use terminology that can sound like a foreign language – we’re here to translate.” For more than six years, our travel and general insurance consultant Paul S. has been making sure COTA Insurance customers understand their policy before they take out cover. (Read more…)

Meet our team: Mandy


This month, our Membership Supervisor Mandy (Amanda) clocks up 10 years with COTA Insurance! If you’ve been lucky enough to speak with her on the phone or in person, you’ll know she’s the true embodiment of service with a smile. (Read more…)

Top Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads


Driving at certain times of the year can be challenging. Summer and long weekends bring increased levels of traffic on the roads, bad weather in winter can cause issues for drivers and that’s not even mentioning the delays and stress that road works can bring.

(Read more…)

Meet our Team: Paul


For almost 10 years, Paul has been giving our customers the information they need to choose the right insurance policy for them. He’s the latest in our series of introducing you to the helpful COTA Insurance team. (Read more…)

Home Insurance : Focus on Renovating


There is a huge demand in DIY-style renovations across Australia and unfortunately many Australians head into their renovations without proper planning, or advising their insurance company. This potentially places the very thing they’re working so hard to perfect at risk – their home.  (Read more…)

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