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Have I Been Hacked?

Electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops are valuable tools that can greatly enhance your life, and in today’s digital world most of us have some sort of smart technology. As technology advances, so do the risks of your electronics being remotely hacked. Therefore our devices require attention and security measures to protect against potential..Read More

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Reasons to get a home security system

Home security system may seem like something which is optional to have, and perhaps it was in the years prior to this. However, in today’s era it is becoming more and more about staying connected 24/7, and part of that means having a watchful eye over your property and its contents, anytime and anywhere. Purchasing,..Read More

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Property maintenance tips for landlords

Whether it is your first time as a landlord or you are an experienced property manager, it is important to be proactive when it comes to the property maintenance at your rental property. Property repairs can often seem to come at the most inappropriate times, however there are some steps that landlords can take to..Read More

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Winter safety at home

Some items used around the home in winter may become a hazard if not used properly or checked regularly. Electric blankets and heaters may cause burns or other injuries, while other faulty electrical products that overheat can give electric shocks or even cause a fire. Here are some winter safety tips for you to do around the..Read More

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Securing your home and belongings

Insure what matters most to you. Whether you are a home owner or you are a renting, you want to make sure you have the most appropriate insurance cover to cover your home and your personal belongings. You can speak with COTA and we can explain the cover options available under COTA Home and Contents..Read More

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Ways to Conserve Energy and Save

There are many ways to conserve your household energy, which will also save on your energy bills. Here we explore many tips for the home and its different areas. Making small changes throughout your home and the way you use your electricity can considerably conserve your household energy and save on your next energy bill. Here..Read More

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How to Make an Insurance Claim

No one wants to make an insurance claim as a result of unfortunate circumstances. But, in the event you do find yourself in a car accident, the victim of theft or natural disaster damage, COTA Insurance and our underwriters Allianz and nib Travel Services do our best to make the claims process a positive experience…Read More

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Keep your Home and Family Safe

Australia is no stranger to natural disasters. A quick scan of the news headlines confirms it. Our hot, dry climate, combined with the increasing impact of climate change, means the country is at the hands of severe weather events, such as bushfires. A survey on finder.com.au revealed that almost 15% of Australians (2.7 million)* aren’t..Read More

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Home and Contents Insurance Outside your Home

When you look at your home insurance policy, you may find that there are outdoor items on your property that can be covered. COTA Home Contents insurance issued by Allianz can include a range of items that are outside your property such as push bikes, mobility scooters, lawn mower, BBQ’s and even gardening equipment. These..Read More

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Home Insurance : Focus on Renovating

With a huge demand in DIY-style renovations across Australia, it can be common to start renovations without proper planning or advising your insurance company. We explain the risks involved. Insuring our homes is often overlooked by many Aussie homeowners when renovating, here are some tips to help you manage your renovation whilst staying protected. Whether..Read More

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