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Meet our Team: Margaret


Margaret knows first-hand how deeply the spirit of generosity is embedded in our not-for-profit organisational culture. Needing to change careers due to illness, she applied for an administration job with us which she never expected to get. Eight years on, she says she loves her job. We sat with her to learn why.

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Meet our Team: Karen


A close-knit, supportive team that values helping older Australians and each other – that’s among the reasons why Karen loves coming to work at COTA Insurance each day.


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Meet our Team: Thomas


Our service is only as good as our people. Fortunately, we care a lot about our customers as a not-for-profit agency. Thomas is someone you might speak with when you call us. So we decided to discover a little more about what makes Thomas tick.

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3 Underrated Senior-Friendly European Cities to Visit in 2019


When we think of holidaying in Europe, we might picture strolling the elegant boulevards of Paris, exploring the ancient wonders of Rome or admiring the gabled facades of Amsterdam. But there are so many less-visited European cities that offer rich historical, cultural and artistic experiences for seniors. Here are three cities we think are deserving of a closer look.

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Find a travel buddy

How to Find a Travel Buddy


Travelling alone can be a very rewarding experience and many travellers prefer the flexibility it allows. Most people are social creatures though, and many prefer not to travel alone.

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