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Must Have Gadgets

Must have gadgets Check out these gadgets to make your life more convenient, safer and even cleaner! Gadgets for elderly people go beyond the jar openers and wearable alarms (although these are very helpful), from smart technology to everyday helpful tools, here are some incredibly useful gadgets available.   Smart phone Everyone can benefit from..Read More

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Digital Detox How To

Digital Detox How To Chances are you came of age in a time when technology wasn’t as prevalent as it is now. However, just like every other generation, you’ve probably found yourself spending more and more time glued to screens of all sizes. Whether you’re scrolling through social media or checking your email, it’s easy..Read More

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Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels – part 2

Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels – part 2 Getting older doesn’t mean you should feel tired and low on energy. It should still feel fun to visit family and friends, exercise, or spend time in the garden – these should not feel like a tiring chore. Boosting your energy is possible at any age. Last..Read More

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Where to Next?

Where to Next? Want to plan a holiday but lacking inspiration? Take our holiday quiz to help you find your next holiday destination!   What is your favourite part of a holiday? Immersing in a different culture Exploring local history and sights Tasting the local delicacies Sightseeing and interacting with fellow travellers An opportunity for..Read More

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Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Natural Ways to Boost Energy As we age, our energy levels may start to decrease, often leading to feelings of fatigue and sluggishness. Here are seven natural ways to boost energy, so that you can enjoy each day to the fullest.   Sleep To increase energy, make sure to prioritise sleep by setting a consistent..Read More

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How to Maximise Your Layover

How to maximise your layover No matter your mode of transport, we all usually experience a lengthy layover on our travels at some point. Sometimes a layover can be long enough to allow you to go sightseeing in the closest city or have enough time to get a hotel to spend the few hours sleeping..Read More

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Fighting Stroke Together: reducing risk and recognising the signs

Fighting Stroke Together: Reducing risk and recognising the signs Original article from COTA NSW Sign up to their newsletter today, click here –   In Australia, Stroke is one of the biggest killers. According to the AIHW, it kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer [1]. In addition, suffering..Read More

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Crossword Puzzles for Seniors

Crossword puzzles for seniors   Check out our COTA Insurance crossword and sudoku puzzles by clicking on the image below to download your copy.        

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Multi-generational Holidays

Tips for Multi-generational Holidays Multi-generational holidays are a big travel trend at the moment, with several generations travelling together. Some destinations, such as Hawaii, and holiday styles, such as cruising, are popular for multigenerational travel, whether this be due to location, travel time, convenience, or price – it all varies. But no matter where it..Read More

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How to Relax on Holidays

How to Relax on Holidays Holidays can be a time to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break. However, with all the planning and preparation that goes into arranging a holiday, it can be easy to forget to take some time out for yourself. If you’re finding it hard to relax on your next holiday, here..Read More

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