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Sustainable Gardening Tips


Here are some great sustainable gardening tips that will improve your gardening both indoors and outdoors, while also helping the environment.


Check your soil pH – you can test the pH of your soil with two household staples: baking soda and vinegar. If you add baking soda to soil and it bubbles then your soil is acidic. If you add vinegar to soil and it bubbles then your soil is alkaline.

Vinegar – whilst you’ve got the vinegar out testing your pH, it can also be used as a natural means of getting rid of weeds!

Coffee – as a garden fertiliser, coffee grounds can stimulate plant growth with their many essential minerals and also help accelerate composting due to it being a natural nitrogen source.

Epsom Salts – can be used as a fertilizer, as Epsom salt is high in magnesium, which benefits plant growth.

Egg shells – add egg shells to your compost or garden as they make great fertilisers due to the calcium and other nutrients they have. They also help keep pests away.

Cooking water – next time you cook vegetables, keep the nutrient-rich water and, once cooled, use it as a fertiliser.

Egg cartons – great seed starters. Use the biodegradable cartons to grow seedlings.

Toilet paper rolls – these make great biodegradable planters.

Composting – without a doubt, one of the best sustainable gardening practices is composting. Fruit and vegetable scraps, grass clippings, dried leaves, and much more, can be turned into a nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden. To read more on composting visit


There are many ways to re-use or re-purpose household items into your garden!