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Reasons to choose COTA Travel Insurance

ico-checkexcess options available*

you can vary the excess under the Comprehensive and Basic plans*.

ico-checkno age limit on Comprehensive, Basic and Domestic policies**

Some insurance companies won’t insure customers once they reach a certain age. Here at COTA we will offer insurance no matter what your age**.

ico-checkeasy and friendly phone or online application

Our staff based in our Adelaide office pride themselves on great customer service. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you so you can focus on the excitement of  your holiday.

ico-checkimmediate cover before you leave home

Before you leave home, should you have to cancel unexpectedly, your policy covers you for things like pre-paid travel and accommodation arrangements.

ico-checksimple, over the phone, medical assessment

No doctors visit required. Answer a few lifestyle questions to receive an instant quote for medical cover.

ico-check24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world

No matter where you are in the world, we’ll be by your side. You’ll be able to call our special phone number (even reverse charges) if you need help with medical problems, locating medical facilities, need evacuation, locating an embassy or need to get a vital message back to your family in an emergency.

ico-checkchoose from a Domestic, Overseas or Frequent Traveller (domestic and overseas) policy

Whether you are travelling across the globe, around Australia or have the travel bug and travel many times throughout the year, we have a policy to suit you.

ico-checkdependant children and grandchildren covered at no extra cost

If you are planning a family holiday, your dependants will be covered free of charge under your policy (“Dependants” are defined in the policy.)








medical expenses overseas  Medical, hospital and ambulance costs incurred overseas following a sudden illness or serious injury.Emergency dental – expenses required to relieve sudden and acute pain to healthy, natural teeth following an infection or broken tooth. Sub-limits apply. ico-checkunlimited ico-checkunlimited _ ico-checkunlimited
medical evacuation When agreed by us, medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or repatriation home. ico-checkunlimited ico-checkunlimited ico-check$10,000 ico-checkunlimited
extra trip costs Additional expenses you incur following the death, sudden illness or serious injury of you or a member of your travelling party or where your travel is disrupted or delayed due to severe weather or accident. ico-checkunlimited ico-checkunlimited ico-check$10,000 ico-checkunlimited
cancellation costs Financial loss incurred due to unforeseen cancellation of prepaid travel and accommodation arrangements. Includes conference/course fees, travel agency cancellation fees and loss of frequent flyer or equivalent points. ico-check$10,000 per trip for all travellers combined, with an option to purchase variable limits up to an ‘unlimited’ amount. $0. Option available to purchase variable limits per trip for all travellers combined, up to an ‘unlimited’ amount. ico-check$1,000 per trip for all travellers combined, with option to purchase variable limits up to $20,000 per trip. ico-check$10,000 per trip for all travellers combined, with option to purchase $20,000 per trip for an additional premium.
luggage and personal effects Accidental damage, theft or permanent loss of your possessions. Includes emergency expenses if your luggage is delayed and losses due to fraudulent use of lost or stolen credit cards, travellers cheques. Sub-limits apply. ico-check$12,000 ico-check$3,000 ico-check$4,000 ico-check$12,000
travel services provider insolvency Financial loss incurred for cancellation of pre-paid transport and accommodation due to the insolvency of a travel services provider. ico-check$10,000 ico-check$2,000
loss of income Payment if you cannot return to your usual full-time permanent employment or full-time business following your accidental injury. ico-check $10,400 _
in-hospital allowance A $50 per day allowance for incidental expenses such as television hire, magazines, food, when you are hospitalised overseas for more than 48 continuous hours. ico-check$6,000 _ _ ico-check$6,000
room service supplement A $50 per day allowance for meals delivered to your overseas hotel room or cruise cabin if you’re confined for more than 48 hours for medical reasons. ico-check$6,000 _ _ ico-check$6,000
travel delay Meal and accommodation expenses due to lengthy delay of your scheduled transport. Sub limits apply. ico-check$2,000
(combined limit)
(combined limit)
_ ico-check$2,000
(combined limit)
resumption of trip Transport costs to resume your travel if you had to return home early due to the hospitalisation or death of a close relative. ico-check$3,000 _ _ ico-check$3,000
special events If your trip is interrupted and you are unable to arrive at a one-off performance or function, tour or cruise on time we will reimburse you for using equivalent transport to arrive on time. ico-check$2,000 _ _ ico-check$2,000
rental vehicle insurance excess Cover for the rental vehicle insurance excess you are required to pay following an accident or theft of your rental vehicle. ico-check$5,000 with the option to purchase extra limits, up to $8,000 _ ico-check$5,000 with the option to purchase extra limits, up to $8,000 ico-check$5,000 with the option to purchase extra limits, up to $8,000
ski benefits For loss of prepaid lift passes, equipment hire and ski school costs up to $1,000 per primary traveller per trip if you cannot ski for more than 24 hours due to your sudden illness or serious injury. A $100 per day allowance for each day the skiing facilities at the resort you pre-booked before your trip and where you’re staying are totally closed due to adverse snow conditions. Cover for hiring replacement equipment up to $1,500 per primary traveller if yours is permanently lost, accidentally damaged, stolen or if it is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 hours. Winter Sports Option only _ Winter Sports Option only Winter Sports Option only
emergency assistance 24 hour emergency assistance service to help in medical situations, including locating medical facilities and if need be, arranging your evacuation home. They can also assist with locating nearest embassies and consulates, as well as keeping you in touch with your family and employer in an emergency. ico-check ico-check ico-check ico-check
accidental death A benefit that is payable to your estate if you die within 12 months of an injury that occurred during your trip. ico-check$25,000 ico-check$10,000 ico-check$10,000 ico-check$25,000
total permanent disability Cover if you suffer an injury resulting in your permanent total loss of sight in one or both eyes or the permanent total loss of use of one or more limbs (excluding dependants). ico-check$12,500 _ _ ico-check$12,500
personal liability Cover when you are found legally liable for injuring other people or causing damage to their property, including legal defence costs. ico-check$2,500,000 per policy ico-check$1,000,000 per policy ico-check$1,000,000 per policy ico-check$2,500,000 per policy


Optional extras



Comprehensive Overseas

Basic Overseas



existing medical conditions Overseas and frequent traveller plans include automatic cover for certain existing medical conditions. You may still be eligible to purchase cover for additional existing medical conditions. ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional
specified items You can pay an extra premium to increase your cover to up to $4,000 per individual nominated item ($10,000 for all nominated items). ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional
increased hire car excess You can increase your cover from $5,000 to a maximum of $8,000. ico-checkoptional _ ico-checkoptional ico-checkoptional

Trip limits are limits per Primary Traveller per trip, except Cancellation Costs (which is a limit per trip) and Personal Liability (which is a policy limit, regardless of the number of trips).

This is a summary only. For full details of the conditions, limits and exclusions on all our cover options, please ‎refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.


*an excess applies to most events when claiming; excess options are available on Comprehensive and Basic policies. An additional excess applies to claims related to specified medical conditions on all policies.
**an age limit applies on Annual Frequent Traveller policies.

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