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Travel tips from the experts

Off travelling soon? Then these travel tips from the experts will sure be helpful!



It has been a long two years without travel, so we may all need a few tips and reminders from the experts. Everything from packing, clever things to take, all the new COVID rules and even quarantine free destinations – the experts give you their tips below!


Return to travel advice

Quentin Long from International Traveller, recently appeared Channel 9’s Weekend Today show with his new travel tips. See the video HERE for his advice, including:

  • Passports –Get passports sorted and renewed early, there is a big backlog at the moment so allow for delays.
  • Visa’s – Remember travel visas for some destinations, check before going if this applies to your destination and make sure they are organised in advance.
  • Health – do you have enough medicine for your time away? Because we are all so focussed on COVID-19 we also need to remember our own medicines and any relevant travel vaccines, like Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Rabies etc.
  • Cash – remember to organise your foreign currency before leaving, such as foreign cash or travel cards.
  • Travel insurance – “If you can’t afford travel insurance, then you cannot afford to travel!”
  • There are many new protocols to be aware of when travelling nowadays, including:
    • Download your International COVID Vaccination proof, and have them available (including hard copies) for your travel destinations.
    • Make sure you know and fulfil what the COVID testing requirements are for your destinations and operators.
    • Pack enough disposable masks for your time away – a new mask whilst travelling every 4 hours is advised. Also, pack hand sanitiser and hard copies of your vaccinations and test results.
    • Record all support contact numbers, such as the local consular, medical and travel insurance contacts.

Overall, Quentin’s advice is to get a travel agent for overseas booking, as they are up to date on all the requirements.




Essential travel items is a popular website that inspires travellers with great stories, advice, trends and news from a team of expert travel journalists. Share their essential travel items, from all different nick knacks to the more obvious practicalities.


Lightweight jacket

Always carry a lightweight jacket that can be folded into the palm of your hand.


Translation app

Travel with an audio translation app on your phone, great for overcoming language barriers, there are many to choose from.


Golf ball

After a day of sightseeing or hiking, a golf ball is a handy tool. Take off your shoes and roll the ball on the soles of your feet. It is an instant massage and rejuvenates your muscles ready for another day of sightseeing.


Tea bags

Take your own favourite tea bags travelling as you can never be sure what (if any) will be at your accommodation. There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea at the end of a long sightseeing day.


Empty water bottle

Make sure to pack an empty water bottle. Once you are through security at the airport you can fill it up at the water bubblers and ask the flight attendants to fill it for you on the plane. This saves money on purchased drinks and keeps you hydrated.


Pack of wipes

Wipes can help in so many ways when travelling, such as make up remover at the end of the day, cleaning shoes or white sneakers, blotting a stain out of clothing or simply cleaning sticky fingers!


Cadence’s natty little capsules

Small containers that stick together with tiny magnets. Use them for toiletries, tablets, small jewellery items and more. The labels can be customised and they fit enough product for a week’s trip away, without leaking or cracking. check them out here.


Zippered pillow case

For many reasons this is a good idea. Use it for a dirty laundry bag, or use it when your luggage is over the weight limit, fill it with clothes and use it as a pillow on your flight (and reduce your luggage weight). Lastly use it as a pillowcase in your accommodation, if you don’t like the ones supplied!


Glasses chain

Glasses chains, now available in many styles online, not only act as a perfect way to keep your glasses or sunglass on you, but they are also ideal for facemasks. They are also a clever way to keep hold of your Air Pods!


Padded cases

Soft cases, such as these are ideal for anything that needs protection from damage while travelling, such as a laptop, tablet, passport, travel papers, and glasses.


Mini mist sprayer

A mini water mister is ideal for combatting the dry air on a plane trip or keeping you cool in a hot climate. You can even use it to mist and hang your clothing when you don’t have access to an iron. They are available here.


Elva’s packing tips

Of course, our expert packing tips would not be complete without our lovely Elva’s packing tips that you can read about here,  or view here – COTA Insurance on You Tube.


Look out for part two of ‘Travel tips, from the experts’ next month where we look into more expert tips and some great travel destinations that are quarantine free.







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