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You have just booked a holiday and are considering travel insurance to cover yourself, but when is the best time to book it?


Many people leave it to the last minute, says research done by Finder in 2019¹. The research found that 39% of Australian travellers book their travel insurance at the last minute. Of those that book their travel insurance last minute, 18% were found to book less than three days out, while a further 10% book less than a week out, with only 8% of Australian travellers booking six months in advance.


It’s important to remember that travel insurance covers you for some events from the day it is purchased. By leaving it until the last minute, you could be putting yourself at risk. There are many things that can go wrong between booking your holiday and actually departing on your holiday. Travel insurance may cover these events such as a sudden death in the family that means you need to stay home, delays or cancellations that can affect your booked holiday, or cancellation cover for an unexpected illness, injury or even death.


Finder also reveals that Generation Y were found to be the riskiest travellers (the population currently aged between 25-40 years old) when it comes to travel insurance, with 53% only booking their insurance a few days before their trip departure. In comparison, 31% of Baby Boomers (the population currently aged between 57-75 years old) leave it to the last minute.


Travel insurance may also include cover for injuries sustained while doing certain activities, like skiing or snowboarding. Check whether or not your travel insurance covers you for the activities you intend to do, because if you need to go to hospital due to an accident from participating in an activity, you can be looking at large financial costs.


Once bookings are made and deposits are paid, customers can potentially be at risk of being out of pocket if plans change. ​Some book days before, others a year ahead. It’s mostly about considering personal circumstances.

Tom, COTA Insurance


Remember, the Australian government website Smartraveller recommends “If you can’t afford cover (travel insurance), you can’t afford to travel.” So when booking your next holiday, remember to consider booking your travel insurance as soon as you can.


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