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COTA Insurances’ customer travel tips

Thank you to these customers who have shared their travel tips and travel photos with all of us!


“On returning from an overseas trip a few years ago,  I invested quite a few hours in making a comprehensive list of what actually worked for the trip concerning preparation and packing.  Since then, this list has been invaluable in making any trip as stress free as possible.  Well worth the investment of time.”  Bernice



“Having travelled overseas to the UK and Canada and Alaska in the last 2 years, I have found ‘cell’ bags very helpful in keeping clothes neat and tidy. They come in different sizes in camping stores.”  Carol



“When travelling you don’t want shoes touching your clothes.  Place shoes in shower caps which are available from any two dollar shops and when you return they can easily be rinsed out and put away in your empty suitcase for the next time you travel.”  Daniela



“I travel a lot, with up to 4 overseas or interstate trips a year. My most useful tip is to just book it, don’t put it off. Some trips take advantage of cheap fares and often are within a couple of months of booking. I pack socks, jocks and a shirt in my carry on, and do a change just before plane lands after a long flight. Also useful if food or drink spilt during flight.”  Peter



“A sarong can serve multiple purposes on some travels, such as bed sheet, pillowcase, ground sheet, dress-up when back in civilisation, shower wear, and as a light-blocking screen if hung from a bunk bed in a dormitory or train situation.”  Shelley



Have a question or your own travel tips to share?

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