Caravan Insurance makes for ‘Happy Campers’ ‎ Image

A caravan is one of life’s big investments. A ticket to freedom after many ‎years of work and family commitments. ‎For a growing number of Australians, a caravan is a ‘home ‎away from home’, as they set out on many adventures big and small.

Many ‎caravan owners are aged 55 years or older*. As these retirees head off on their dream adventures there is a chance that it could turn into a road trip nightmare with serious financial consequences, if the unexpected occurs. Fire, theft, collision, accidental damage and storms can ruin ‎even the best laid plans and leave you out of pocket.‎

That‘s why it is important to check whether your caravan is appropriately covered for ‎the many unexpected circumstances that may come your way. ‎

COTA Insurance offers Caravan and Trailer Insurance with a range of ‎features and benefits aimed at providing a broad level of protection.

‎Underwritten by Allianz Insurance, the Caravan and Trailer Insurance offers cover for accidental loss and damage, including collision, fire, and theft; as well as up to $1,000 for loss or damage to your caravan’s contents, arising from either an accident in which your caravan is damaged at the same time, or theft following forcible or violent entry to your caravan.

The following is a limited summary of our Caravan and Trailer Insurance only. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. For full details and before making a decision, please consider the relevant PDS documents which are available on this website.

There is a range of standard benefits, including:

  • 2 year new for old replacement of your caravan or trailer after a total loss if you purchased it new (from first registration)
  • Reasonable cost of towing following an accident ‎
  • Cover for up to $500 for food spoilage in your caravan following a covered accident
  • Emergency accommodation costs in the event that your caravan is uninhabitable following an accident more than 100km from home ($100 per day, up to a maximum of $1,000)
  • Reimbursement for up to $500 toward emergency repairs necessary to enable you to tow your caravan or trailer to its intended destination
  • Travelling cost for returning home if your caravan or trailer cannot be safely driven home after a covered accident (up to a maximum of $500)

Additional policy options are available to purchase – caravan fusion cover and the option to increase caravan contents cover, subject to underwriting limits.

Don’t let misfortune spoil your big adventures. Call one of our friendly staff on 1300 1300 50 or visit our website to get an online quote and choose ‎the cover that is right for you.



Insurance and Membership Services Limited ABN 59 057 159 743, AR No 246235 trading as COTA Insurance (COTA, we, or us), arranges these insurances as agent of the insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) ABN 15 000 122 850, AFSL No. 234708 (except Travel &, Boat).  If you purchase this insurance, we will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. Please ask us for more details. Any advice here does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs, which you should consider before acting on our recommendations. Policy terms, conditions and exclusions apply. You should read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement and key fact sheets available from or by calling 1300 1300 50 before deciding whether to acquire any product mentioned. The relevant Target Market Determination is available by calling 1300 1300 50. We receive commission on these insurance products as a percentage of the premium paid for each policy ranging from 0.3% to 30%. Allianz also pays us a percentage of the profit which exceeds the agreed profit threshold for Home (excluding flood), Landlord (excluding flood), Motor and Caravan and Trailer policies arranged by us or renewed with Allianz in each calendar year, provided that the agreed premium threshold is met for these products. Additionally, we receive a marketing allowance from Allianz every 2 months, which is a percentage of the total premium earned on these policies in the previous 2 months. Ask us for more details before we provide you with services.



*29% of caravan and camping trips in 2018 were aged 55+, as per the State of Industry report 2019 done by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.