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Your windscreen could save your life

Don’t underestimate how important a cars windscreen is to your cars structural strength.  Read on to find out the importance.


Your windscreen provides up to 30% of your car’s structural strength1 and also supports the airbag and airbag cover when activated during an accident. While a little crack in your windscreen glass might seem minor, this could potentially have a significant effect on the safety of your vehicle.

Make sure that you repair a cracked or damaged windscreen as soon as the damage occurs, and always get an expert to repair your windscreen.

Here’s what could happen if your windscreen repair or replacement isn’t carried out correctly:2

  • Your passenger airbag may not work properly in the event of an accident
  • Your windscreen safety camera may be misaligned
  • You may detect a whistling or rattling noise whilst driving

In 2019 our insurance partner Allianz revealed they had over 37,600 windscreen reported claims from customers.3


Removal of basic excess for windscreen claims

This is an optional benefit you can choose to add to your Allianz Comprehensive Car insurance.

If this optional benefit is added to your policy, we will not apply an excess to your claim if the windscreen or window glass in your vehicle is accidently broken or damaged.

This option applies:

  • to one claim for a windscreen or window glass replacement plus two windscreen or window glass repairs in any period of insurance; and
  • if the broken windscreen or window glass is the only damage to your vehicle.

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