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Winter Survival Tips!


Winter has arrived and we are being told that it’s going to be one of our worst flu seasons yet. So how do we look after ourselves in the winter months and avoid the colds and flus, the winter blues, and more?


Here are our tips on surviving winter:


Enjoy healthy eating during the colder months and try not to indulge in too many of the comfort foods you may be craving. A well balanced diet will provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals that can assist in maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting off the winter lurgies!

See here for our winter soup recipe.


Embrace the seasonal fruit and vegetables that come with winter.  This includes apples, oranges, lemons, mandarins, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach and more. Include these in your daily fruit and vegetable consumption as much as possible.  

Please keep in mind that seasonal fruit and vegetables vary dependant on where you live in Australia. 


Visit your local chemist or health food store for some advice on the best winter vitamins and immune boosting supplements to dose up on to help keep the colds and flu’s at bay.


Easy ways to keep yourself warm:

·         Use extra blankets on your beds

·         Invest in an electric blanket or use wheat bags or hot water bottles# while in bed or relaxing on the couch

·         Add extra layers of clothing, consider thermals if you live in a cold region of Australia

·         Make sure you always wear something on your feet and even your head, as this will help stop your body heat escaping

·         Leave your oven open after you have finished cooking, ensuring the safety of you, your family and pets. Letting the warm air out of the oven (after turned off) will help heat up your house

·         Drink a warm beverage or have a hot cup of soup to warm you from the inside out

·         Reverse your ceiling fans and put them on a low speed, as this helps push the rising hot air back down

·         Purchase one of the many other products on the market that can help you keep warm like a heated blanket.

#For safe use tips on using hot water bottles please visit 


Follow these expert power saving tips* throughout winter to avoid bill shock:

  • Only heat the rooms you use most – reduce the area you heat by closing doors to rooms you’re not using. Better still? Only heat the communal areas of the house
  • Set the temperature between 18°C and 20°C – every degree you reduce/increase heat can save up to 10% on your energy use
  • Keep showers short – hot water usage accounts for around 21% of your energy bill, so having shorter showers can result in big savings in the long run.
  • Use a draft stopper – if cold air is getting in, warm air is getting out! Invest in door seals, draft-proofing strips and door snakes to stop heat escaping and reduce your heating costs by up to 25%
  • Close your curtains– shutting curtains or blinds is an easy way to stop heat escaping, more than 33% of winter heat can leak out through windows

*These winter energy saving tips are from origin energy


Stay socially connected in the colder months when it seems everyone hides away. Maintaining your social activity during the colder months will benefit your mental health and give you things to look forward to when everything else seems grey and gloomy.


Exercise on a regular basis. If the weather isn’t suitable for your normal outdoor activities, change your routine in winter to allow for it. Try some indoor activities like yoga, pilates or indoor swimming. Exercise also keeps you warmer by increasing your body temperature.


Getting enough sleep is crucial for a strong immune system, so make sure you have a regular sleep routine that you stick to that ensures you get the optimum amount of sleep.


As always, avoid stress as much as possible. Stress weakens the immune system and can make you more vulnerable to winter colds and flu’s.  


Get a medical check-up at the beginning of the season, speak to your GP about a flu vaccination or anything you can do to maintain good health for the winter months.


If all else fails plan a warm weather getaway during the winter months!

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