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Top Caravan and Camping Tips – part 2

Part 2 of our top caravan and camping tips collated from experienced travellers, includes our on-site camping tips ‘once you arrive’. Read more here:


Due to many states’ current restrictions most of us are restricted to local travel. This has meant we have seen a huge increase in caravan and camping in the recent COVID pandemic period. Therefore, to help you on your travels, we have collated all the top tips for caravanning and camping, from experienced travellers, with everything from packing tips, to campsite tips. This month we included our ‘once you arrive’ tips.


Camp kitchens

Camp kitchen usually have all the basic cooking and washing up amenities. They are great for cooking and washing up, meeting people and getting more camping or visiting tips. Using a camp kitchen, even if it’s just for dishes, can help minimise mess at your own site.


Confirm check in and out times

Call ahead or look up online for the check-in time so that you don’t arrive early. This also applies when checking out. Often between check-out and check-in time is when maintenance, watering or mowing is done.


Park speed limit

There are often many kids in caravan parks, many on bikes and the like. This is why it is really important to adhere to the parks speed limit, which is usually walking pace – to protect ensure everyone’s safety.


Know your size

It’s worth knowing how long, wide and tall your complete camping setup is. This will make sure that you are within the site boundary. If you have any issues with any tree branches, see the park reception for assistance.


Stick to your space

Avoid cutting through neighbour’s sites by sticking to the roads and walkways. This will avoid upsetting others or accidently damaging someone else’s belongings. Its polite to be aware of other people’s space.


Pet friendly

If you travel with your pet, make sure you always clean up after them, keep them on a leash in shared spaces, follow the park pet rules and never leave them unattended. Try and remember to also socialise them with other pets cautiously, as not all pets are friendly.


Noise friendly

Be noise friendly by following the camp rules in regards to noise. Turn your music and entertainment down so others can get their sleep. Remember that caravan, tent and camper walls are very thin and you can usually hear everything while inside them at night. Generators can also pose a sound issue so book a powered site where you can.


Clean up after yourself

Always treat your site and the park facilities like your home and leave them as you found them. So leave your site clean, dispose of rubbish accordingly, use a mop (if provided) in shower cubicles and leave camp kitchens and communal BBQs clean and tidy.


Help out

Do your part and do a clean-up. Whether that means picking up some rubbish from a local area, giving the camp kitchen or communal BBQ an extra good clean. Every little bit helps!


Other simple tips:

  • Take a well-equipped tool box camping, including a mallet, screwdrivers, spanners, fuses, etc.
  • Get a good quality hose bag for sullage and a drinking water hose.
  • Take citronella burners, candles or mosquito coils on trips.
  • Have cleaning cloths or paper towel handy to clean dirty gear, such as hoses, when packing up.
  • Take LED head torches for setting up camp in the dark.
  • Take two small walkie talkies with you. These are great for reversing the vans / trailers into tight spots
  • When not in use, make sure your fridge is stored with the door locked in the open position to allow air flow and avoid mould.
  • Always make sure the van is thoroughly cleaned when you arrive home, that way it is already to go on the next trip and you won’t need to clean everything and pack when you go away next time.


Lastly it’s important that you do what’s right for you! With so much advice out there, it can be hard to know what’s right or wrong. Choose things that sound like a good idea, try them and if they work keep doing it, if not try something else until you find what suits you and your lifestyle.




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