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The Best Things About Being 50+

Australians 50-94 years old tell us, in 20 words or less, what they feel is the single best thing about being aged 50+.

I have the freedom to do what I want when I want. Visiting the grandchildren with my partner is special.

There is some respect from people knowing that I have experience that they can call on for advice.

Still fit enough to enjoy life.

Increased wisdom, patience, tolerance and as busy as one chooses to be.

Being able to spend more time travelling this great country of ours.

Having the freedom to give back to the community by advocating for a better health system.

An ability to use experience when making decisions

I no longer have to live to a schedule…freedom!…Have wisdom to respond to situations mutually beneficially.

Freedom to be engaged in activities for enjoyment of life and brain health, rather than for earning a living.

I like who I am and have a confidence that I did not have at 30. The freedom to be who you’re truly meant to be. To be able to share my life’s experience with younger people and to rejoice in the joy of living.

The anxiety and frenetic pace of youth has passed and we see the fruits of our love in our family.

Life experience. We should use it to live meaningful lives and assist younger generations to be better people.

A better sense of self-confidence, mostly optimism about the immediate future.

Sense of fulfilment in achieving life goals and meeting challenges.


Looking forward to the next 50 years and all that unfolds to be discovered. The great adventure.

Less responsibility only having to worry about myself.

Being retired and able to do whatever whenever I want to especially travel not being tied to a committed routine in other words I love the freedom.

Knowing now what I didn’t know when younger! And the experience that comes with age.

A stable, loving relationship with my wife.

The freedom to be retired and flexibility to choose your social activities and time to support my family when needed.

Being able to give good advice, when asked, based on surmounting major difficulties with grace and strength.

I would only wish to be younger or fitter ONLY if I know what I know now!!

Being retired. Enjoying my family and friends. Participating on several community committees. Joining Rotary.

Not having the pressures of the younger generations of today, being comfortable in my own skin at my age

Don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion of me!!

The ability to reflect on ones past experiences and realise what is of value and importance so you can try to influence younger generations.

Being financially in good health and ability to travel.

Having made it!

Freedom to be yourself.

Freedom to do what I want and enjoy life without the associated employment stress.

Spending more time with family and friends, travelling.

Being happily married.

Discovering that the roses are fragrant in the autumn and winter – that LIFE has not been dulled by its living.

Having sufficient income to be able to choose what I will do.

I’m alive. I have a lot of memories to enjoy – and learn from I know people I love.

I believe just to reach the age and having a fulfilled life.

Still alive at 90 and being ably to enjoy outings things with friends.

Finishing paid work is an opportunity for new beginnings in different directions.

The liberation of realising that you don’t have to conform to other people’s expectations of you!

Being thankful for life’s journey in all aspects; health, family, fitness and love.

Despite life not being perfect at 50+, when compared with most countries overseas we live in a heavenly earth!

Riding the bus for free, retirement, and cheaper medical expenses are welcome bonuses for being 60+!

To make my own decisions about the best use of my available time.

Experience has shown me what is important in life and what can be put to aside. Love is most important.

At 50+ I can sit back and look at life’s achievements my children give me respect and my grandson oodles of pleasure.

I just love now being able to get up when I want in my own house, exercise, and do what I want with sufficient money if I’m careful, and have reasonably good health!

Freedom of lifestyle, choices, independence and a loving relationship with my children, their spouses, grand children and great grandchildren. Life is so good for me at this time.

Made it through all the traumas of family, work and life. Can now slow down to be more fruitful. Thanks.

Being my own boss. Flexibility. Giving back by mentoring entrepreneurs. Freedom to travel.

Being able to look back on a productive life.

I can be myself.

I am happy!

I get to talk to the young ones I still coach – they keep me young!

When Sunday night comes around and I don’t have to go to work on Monday!

Source: A sample from COTA SA survey 2018.

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