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Michele’s favourite Trips

Michele is a valuable member of the COTA Insurance Team. Here she shares her favourite pre-COVID trips with us and maybe even inspire future travels.


Michele has been lucky enough to have travelled a lot since she was 10 years old. She has also worked in the travel industry for 15 years and then came to COTA Insurance to sell travel insurance.

A 6 week trip up the East Coast of Australia with her dad at the age of 10 first inspired Michele’s passion for travel, meeting new people and seeing different places. Having always felt restless and being a self-confessed dreamer has only added to Michele’s growing love of travel and adventure.

Michele has travelled to many places including the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the United States of America so it was a challenge for her to choose one favourite or specific trip that stood out to her, as they all do!


However, two of her favourite trips have involved taking her sons away, just like her parents did with her. Firstly, taking her sons overseas for the first time in October 2018 to New Zealand and then taking them to Darwin last year for her 40th birthday. “Lucky for me my boys love travelling as much as I do!” so that has made these trips even more enjoyable for Michele.




In New Zealand Michele loved the open road travelling, seeing the kids see snow for the first time and the many beautiful hikes they did together. “We spent just over 2 weeks in New Zealand. We stayed with family in Christchurch on the South Island and on a farm in Martinborough on the North Island. We also explored ourselves by car for part of the trip. Rotorua was the highlight of the trip. Seeing and smelling all of the bubbling volcanic springs, learning about Maori culture and seeing my boys show respect to the local people. The best though was the Luge rides down the hill. That was so much fun for us all!”



Darwin was a very different trip for Michele and her sons “Darwin was all about the animals, especially the crocodiles. Liam, my eldest son, in particular, loves animals so to be able to give them the opportunity to see them up close was amazing. The heat was like nothing they had experienced either so it was great to jump in the hotel pool every day and the wave pool at Darwin Waterfront which is just like being in the ocean. We had many adventures in our short stay in Darwin and the NT. It is so different to home (Adelaide) so a real experience for all!”


Michele says that when we can again travel oversea that “Vietnam or Japan would be on the list next to take the boys.”

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